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Sentinel Automated Inventory Management System

Further. Faster. Better.

Giving physical commodities markets greater visibility, accountability and efficiency

Automated Digital Inventory and Collateral Management

Across the physical commodities market people worry about manual paper based processes, high operational costs and fraud. Sentinel automates many of the key processes involved in the management, financing and settlement of physical deliveries, removing the need for paper and reducing risk of error or malpractice.

Sentinel provides tools for managing physical deliveries on and off exchange. It is a modular software automation framework for the management of key business processes from the registering of assets using warehouse receipts, warrants or certificates, to the transfer of title which connects producers, storage companies, commodity owners, brokers and financing banks.

It is available as subscription based software and has four core modules:

Digital inventory

Simplifies process around title transfer and depository management for physical commodities on and off exchange

Rent and grading

Automates many of the manual processes surrounding the physical delivery of commodities

Financing & collateralisation

Unlocks value in physical commodities for short term loans, repos and other structured financing


Assures contract validity and automates allocation and physical delivery or cash settlement with real-time position tracking

Sentinel Automated Inventory Management System

The reason businesses choose Sentinel

Further. Faster. Better.

Sentinel will get you further towards completion
faster than you can prioritise in-house with a finished solution that's as good as if you'd built it yourself...


This configurable, modular, framework solution uses pre-built building blocks to accelerate the process


Rapid installation is made possible by API first technology for maximum compatibility and adaptability


Proven modules with scope for ‘last mile’ customisation means clients can focus on their own key requirements

Low risk pricing

Our flexible pricing model maximises ROI for start-ups as well as businesses augmenting existing platforms

Outcomes Sentinel delivers...

Streamlines handling of physical commodities during storage and delivery reduces the complexity and risk associated with physical settlement

Multiple layers of security for title management and certification reduce incidence of fraudulent or fake receipting of financed material

Permission-based access to a centralised electronic register reduces administrative burden, time and human error associated with paper-based systems

Secure compliant receipting of warehoused commodities and access to a single digital inventory enables faster decision making by financing banks

The extensible, customisable framework reduces build and deploy time associated with the launch of new contracts or products

Commercial losses associated with rent defaults and late payment are significantly reduced through automated rent management and invoicing

Title transfers and change requests are fully traceable and auditable through the permission-based digital inventory providing accountability and visibility

Secure encrypted management of depository and certification removes delays and speeds up access to financing for warehoused goods

Documentation, processes and workflows are standardised speeding up transfer, delivery and settlement

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Why users prefer Sentinel

Our team’s deep subject matter expertise comes from having held senior executive or operations roles within the industry.  We’ve worked at the coal face and designed Sentinel so it meets the needs of the people doing the doing.

Highly configurable

Sentinel is logic based and highly configurable. We work closely with clients to carry out user testing, ensuring teams are fully trained and that ‘last mile’ customisation and reporting is providing exactly what is required.

User friendly

Sentinel can be set up in multiple languages for different users and can accommodate Chinese characters and meta language. On-boarding is simple and we provide documentation and user manuals.


Conditional access and permissions management ensures account segregation to meet compliance requirements. All actions are auditable and change requests require two factor authentication to minimise fraud and human error